The three-way intersection known as “the Junction” has been transformed into a large mall with various conveniences and retail options.

A Pratt Institute cohort of students partnered with the Flatbush Junction BID to conduct a Lab Analysis of Public Space. The study used the insights of residents, business owners and other community members to develop a vision for Hillel Plaza to serve as a public space that is generative and sustainable. Download Full Report

Thanks to Assoc. Prof. David Burney & Assist. Prof Meg Walker of the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment Urban Placemaking and Management | Kristin Brown, Claudia Castillo de la Cruz, Jackson Chabot, JiaYi Cheng (Grace), Alex de Witt, Lindsay Fischer, Molly Greenberg, Daniela Hurtarte, Saba Jaberolansar, Daniel E. Miyagusko, Harsh Prajapati, Dhanya Rajagopal, Koichiro Tamura, Nasha Virata, and Jane Viswanathan.


This report aimed to incorporate contemporary theories on equity and community empowerment and relied heavily on civic engagement strategies such as intercept surveys, ethnographic research, and place audits to better understand what resources the community was missing and what needs could be met by a new pedestrian plaza.


  • Improve the user experience of the public space in the area by proposing solutions of human scale
  • Improve pedestrian safety when crossing the streets by creating curb extensions.
  • Activate the corners with new commerce and public spaces

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