Our Vision

Through innovation, stewardship and inclusion, the Flatbush Junction is becoming a destination for entrepreneurs and families alike.

The Flatbush Junction BID represents the voice of property owners and business in the commercial area; working with our public and private partners to develop “the Junction” as a place to work, live, shop and visit. Thereby, contributing to the local economy and enhancing the catchment area for all.

Our Company Values

We Celebrate & Promote both the commercial area and the businesses within the BID; increasing footfall via a range of events , raising the profile of the Junction’s cultural and retail offerings.

Facilitating Connections

We connect & represent local businesses by providing frequent opportunities to share knowledge and expertise, as well as bridging relations between businesses, government, community groups, transport providers and real estate development companies to ensure that any decision-making; results in the best possible environment for our business to flourish.

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Supporting Commercial Activity

We support the growth and sustainability of existing and new businesses to maintain a thriving diverse local economy. Business Improvement District (BID) members use our corridor support services to sustain demand for their services and to attract new customers.

Our Vision is centered around three distinct programs guided by our Board of Directors and Advisory Team “Friends of the Junction Steering Group”.

  • Destination Junction – Creating a space where families and businesses can develop and thrive.
  • Inclusive Junction – Ensuring a district that is welcoming, equitable and sustainable.
  • Junction Green – Maintaining open and accessible streets and shared spaces
Destination Junction

The Junction is a destination of choice and offers experiences for every lifestyle, family-friendly budget days out and culturally diverse eating options.

Flatbush Junction, the gateway to South Brooklyn is a commercial, educational and transportation hub.

At the BID, we work with our partners to actively promote and communicate the cultural transformation that has turned the Junction into one of Brooklyn’s most dynamic and accessible districts. The Junction offers an exciting mix of iconic historic attractions, commercial and residential architecture, thrilling cultural offerings and a wide range of quick-service restaurants.  In essence, it is a remarkable part of Brooklyn’s mystique. 

Through our work with key partners, we have been dynamically promoting the Junction as a visitor, shopping, entertainment, cultural and business destination. We have made remarkable progress with innovative projects like the “Intersection at the Junction”, “Junctionspace”, “Upcycle Junction Market” and the annual culturally themed “Roots @ the Junction” festival; to mention but a few. These initiatives engaged over 50 organizations and attracted over 100,000 visitors. 

More than 130 million people pass through the Junction’s public transport routes each year. We want to engage these commuters, workers and residents, building support for the changing face of the Junction and ensuring that local benefits are maximized. We will thus continue to build the profile of the Junction locally, nationally and internationally, marketing the area as an attractive place to school, shop, invest, live, visit and work. Our work will continue to support local businesses and inspire confidence for further business investment. 

We plan to drive footfall and increase dwell time and spend; positioning the Junction as a vibrant and cultural part of Brooklyn that manages to preserve its uniqueness.

Inclusive Junction

In driving an inclusive economy at the Junction. Our aim is to ensure Flatbush Junction flourishes as an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable business district.

We seek to promote an appealing business environment at Flatbush Junction that fosters long term sustainable economic growth and the improved well-being of employees, students, visitors and residents. We aim to increase footfall for retailers, help develop small business networks and contribute to attracting inward investment.

Our Top Priorities

  • The Junction Loyalty Card – Our exclusive discount card on brands, products and services is designed to drive footfall and spend plus reward customer loyalty.
  • To contribute to impactful public policy discussions and encourage data driven research studies.
  • Junction Classified – A posting platform for businesses wanting to employ local residents, promote events and commercial vacancies.
  • Junction Professionals Hub – Dedicated to provide business development and network programs to micro, small and medium sized businesses interests.
Junction Green

We are committed to accessible streets and open public spaces. We believe there is a great opportunity to develop the public realm as the glue that holds the Junction area together.

Currently traffic, vehicle and pedestrian congestion dominates our everyday experiences. Our objective is to help people who live, shop, work and visit the Junction enjoy its public spaces and surroundings.

We consistently put forward some concept ideas for placemaking improvements to the public realm, update property owners and businesses on real estate development timelines, engage business stakeholders and work to influence decision makers.

We also implement our own innovative public realm projects to enhance the Junction area.

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