Connecting local businesses and artists in the Flatbush Nostrand Junction

Through window displays, exhibitions, signage, and art installations

in businesses and public spaces, JunctionSpace helps to foster

community involvement and engage local customers.

JunctionSpace is a creative coalition that facilitates connections between local businesses and artists in the Flatbush Nostrand Junction. Window to Flatbush is a fellowship for local artists. During the fellowship, Brooklyn-based artists work with selected businesses to upgrade their storefronts and window displays.

Participating artists also create a video to promote the businesses’ products and services on social media. Fellowship classes take place at the Flatbush YMCA over the course of 12-weeks and include instruction in marketing and video production.

About Junction Space

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One Price
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African Paradise
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Simms Tax Service

Merging art and business is an ongoing process in communication, brainstorming, and negotiation.

Collaborative Expertise

Fellows were assigned to small businesses in the Flatbush Nostrand Junction BID

Critical Resources

All design and video production was free to participating businesses

Sustainability Tools

Deliverables ranged from awning designs to store layouts to social media strategies